Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I recently finished up a roll of Kodachrome and had it developed.  This got me thinking (again) how I was going to get my slides and negatives from my photographic beginning into a digital form.  I want to do this partly for backup purposes, and partly because it is much more likely I will see them if they are in my Lightroom catalog.

This is of particular importance because all the pictures I have of Kathryn until she was about 4 years old are on film!  The photo at the top was from way back when Kathryn was a little beaner.

I have an older film scanner, but it wasn't supported by Windows 7.  I found a program called Vuescan.  Not only does it work, but the scans seem better than what I used to get out of original software.

However, I really don't like all the dust and scratches that come with film.  Not to mention the scanning itself is ridiculously time-consuming.  There is a reason no one with sense uses film anymore.  I am only somewhat kidding.  However, I have decided I will at least play with it again.  The Kodachrome shooting was a fun diversion.

I never claimed to have any sense.

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