Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Logan comes to visit

Babies can be fun.  Unfortunately, I was too sleepy to remember the fun times with ours, but when I'm around other people's babies I can almost remember mine at the same age.  This is why its good to be around little beaners.

Today Logan came by to visit.  We hung out.  We talked current events, he agrees the "spy ring" story is interesting.  We both lamented that we never got to photograph the model spy.  We talked photography a bit after that, and he agreed to a 5 month portrait.  "It's for Mommy", he said. 

He wasn't a fan of Mountain Dew, but coffee-- being warmer --went over pretty well.  Actually, I'm kidding, he liked Mountain Dew also.  No, really, I'm kidding.  Maybe.  I'll never tell.

I have a similar picture of both of my kids.  It just seems the easiest thing to do with those little guys when they are 3-5 months old.  They can hold their heads and be expressive, but aren't quite ready to sit up on their own.

I came across Tobias' this week thanks to my current "picture tagging" project, where I want to make sure I get people's names associated with the files they are in.  Kathryn's is a print in her baby album.  This makes me anxious to get those pictures scanned.  I can protect digital files much easier than physical media.

This is an ambient light shot with a reflector out to camera left.

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