Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trying a "photo essay"

One of the forums I have read has a meme that runs through it.  The idea is present a set of pictures containing some events from a day in the life of a family.  Recently I have spent some time looking through collections over at burn magazine (careful, quite a few of the sets aren't safe for work).

These two things got me thinking.  This can be dangerous, but I have it under control this time.  I think.  I decided to try my hand at a bit of family photo journalism, and try to tie it into a theme like the collections I have seen at burn.

I wanted to started small, because this is a new thing.  I chose to photograph those few moments of during the morning when everyone wakes up.  I decided to make this relatively high contrast black and white, and tried my best to embrace the softness and motion blur caused by the use of high ISOs and slow shutter speeds.  This is all unmodified available light, and the images-- apart from the B&W conversion are straight out of the camera.

So, no more words, here its.  Mornings...

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