Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lazy weekend

On Friday I thought I was going to get a lot done this weekend.  I thought I might do the first draft of my tax filing.  I thought I might clean out the carb on the lawnmower.  I thought I might do a few other things.  I didn't.

I did go to birthday part.  I put the tags on my wife's birthday present.  I mounted a tail servo to my largest model helicopter.  I tossed the littlest model helicopter all about the living room. We also stopped by the library so I can feed my music habit.

I also spent about 30-40 minutes making this picture.  I wanted to play a bit more with the HDR process.  This time I used Photonaught to create the HDR image, and the tone mapped version I used as my base.  I brought the file in to Luminance HDR to use a localized tone mapping algorithm.  I then blended the two together in Gimp.  The process I chose in Photonaught gives a very realistic manipulated  look.  The algorithm I chose in Luminance HDR makes the image go quite, crazy.  The final image is only using the crazy image at 25% or so transparency.  It is the image that is contributing the grit, the dark shadowing, and the halos that are visible in the final image.  I still think it might be a bit much, and may dial it back further later.

But, I may wait and just make another picture.  I could fill that tub up with water, and maybe stick a rubber ducky in there first.

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