Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Eve

We spent New Year's Eve at a friend's house.  It was a fun time.

It had all the things a celebration should have, people, crab dip, chips, water, and so on.  It also had cake.

Weatherwise it was a messy night.  Shoes seemed to congregate by the front door.  Perhaps they were anticipating the return "out there".  Or perhaps they were planning something scary, I kept a good eye on them just in case.

I spent the night running about with a camera, generally being annoying.  But I'm good at that.  The annoying part anyway, I may not be too great with the camera part.  Here is one of the "portraits" I caught.   I think the background is pretty busy, but it places it during the holidays I think.  Its a bit more obvious the background is a christmas tree in color, but I wasn't making color pictures that night.  Most of my pictures are of kids, which I won't post without parental permission.

Anyway, thanks for looking. These are all taken in the available light with a 50mm lens at ISO 6400.

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