Friday, January 8, 2010

Dead Point and Shoot

Our little point and shoot camera, a Canon A95 seems to have died tonight.  This makes me very sad.  None of the entry level point and shoot cameras can compare to it anymore.  It has a full set of shooting modes including Manual settings.  To get that level of control in today's point and shoots you have to spend a lot of coin.  The new cameras are all also on megapixel steroids.  I suppose that would be fine, except, well, why?

I may need to find a point and shoot this year.  I'm not sure what I will get.  All but higher end ones left me cold, or I would have replaced my cell phone camera with one a long time ago.  Last summer I looked seriously at the Canon 780 and the Fuji Z33WP.  I like the Canon because of its size.  I like the Fuji because it doesn't have a folding/protruding lens (a friend of mine as a more, uh, eloquent way of saying that.)   Since I last looked some other interesting ones have been introduced, like the Casio EX G1.  It, like the Fuji, also doesn't use a folding/protruding lens -- and is environment-proofed to some extent.

Here is the last real picture I made with the little guy.  It was taken new year's day.  My intention was to talk about composition with this picture, but at the moment when I look at it all I can think about is the broken camera.  And how maybe hot chocolate could be delicious right now.  


JonOfTrout said...

I vote for upgrading the camera phone. There are a lot of really nice cameras on phones now, at least for what you are currently doing with yours.

Ken said...

Work pays for my phone, so technically upgrading would require me to get hardware and service. Also, the P&S is Carly's, probably best to replace it with another camera.

Tim said...

It might be more then what you are looking for but I really like my new Canon S90. However I do understand your frustrations with P&S cameras right now. There is just not that many descent ones on the market right now.

Ken said...

The S90 is a very nice point and shoot. For my intended usage the cost makes it less desirable. I also want to shy away from the folding lenses. I want to be able to "pocket" the camera when it is in an "on" state.