Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Studio" Christmas Eve Children

So much like them.  Kathryn adding drama, and Tobias distracted by something shiny

I decided I would try to make some pictures of the kids in their Christmas Eve attire this year. As I wrote I earlier I recently got a large softbox and another light. A friend of mine lent me a background stand and a few thingies to drape over it.

After de-wrinkling one of the backdrops in the dryer, and setting up a dual rim and large-softbox-key setup I was ready to test. The lightmeter told me I was getting almost F16 out of the lights so I tried everything between F11 and F16 and checked the histograms.

Kathryn being the test monster

After getting the setup tested we washed up the kids and got them ready.

Before leaving for the church service, I got these pics that seem alright for formals. I wish I had enough room to pull the kids a couple of meters from the backdrop, that would take the wrinkles on the backdrop out of focus.  I tried larger apertures, but it didn't really make a difference.  The lights seem to like higher power settings over lower ones, so I left the aperture small.

And Kathryn with a normal look.  I had to accuse her of farting to get this.

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