Sunday, November 1, 2009

Change your clocks!

No, not the clocks on your wall, life will tell you those are wrong soon enough.

Change the clocks in your cameras! If you don't do it right now while your thinking about it, I bet your Christmas pictures will have the wrong time recorded in the EXIF data. If that happens, and you are like me, you will be irritated enough by that you will need to find a utility to correct it. Save yourself the headache and do it now!

I just set the times in our 3 digicams. My two SLRs, and our trusty but ancient P&S are now correct. I also checked our little Flip Mino HD camera, but it only has a setting for the date.

UPDATE: I just saw Ken Rockwell said basically the same thing! He was first. Rats, and I thought I was so clever too.

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