Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back to a post, back to Nature

Its been a little bit since I typed into this thing.

I had a cool idea planned for Veterans Day. But, when I went to find the little figure I wanted to photograph it wasn't there. I had another cool idea later in the week, but my gaffer tape went missing so I couldn't create the lighting. Why do things disappear when I am not able to watch where they go?

I am also spending time figuring out what I want in a computer. I am going to build one very soon, my current one is six years old and is choking a bit on what I ask it to do. It is not that I'm asking it to do new things, its just the data it is working on is larger. I like waiting to build machines. However, I don't like having to essentially relearn what is available when I want to build. It takes far, far too much time. I also don't like that I create a budget, and overshoot it by about 10% every time I do this. I guess though, in the grand scheme of things I make my machines last a long, long time.

It was a nice day today, so Tobias and I played in the back yard a little bit. I didn't carry any lighting along and saw what I could make of the existing light and no modifiers (reflectors etc).

I didn't expect this, but I think I find it a lot easier to bring out the lights and work from there. As it is, I do not like matrix metering. It never considers what I want it to, so I spot metered and exposure-locked my way into getting what I wanted.

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