Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Help me!

I want to do four free photo sessions for people. I want to do a couple's portrait (think engagement-style photo shoot), two high school senior lifestyle type portraits (one guy, one gal), and the final one I am leaving "open" to whatever interesting might come up. To quote Zack Arias, "I'll shoot anything but porn."

The locale for this offer is anywhere in a 25-30 mile radius of my house. I am in the 21727 zip-code, so one of the various cool internet maps should be able to draw the circle. I do know that Frederick, MD is about the border of this on the South, and Gettysburg, PA will probably be around the Northern limit. This is a fuzzy limit, so if there is an idea out there let me hear it.

What I am not looking for....

I don't want to take business away from any local photographers with this -- its tough enough at the moment. My desire is to do this for people that this type of luxury is not in the budget. I don't mean its not in the budget because its not high enough priority, I mean, really, not in the budget. Honor system here, I won't be asking questions.

No immediate family for this-- I point my camera your way anyway, so stop pouting.

I'm not really a great toddler or pet photographer, so that is probably best avoided too.

So, what am I hoping to give away? I am hoping to do something like the first package listed there. I built that site because there was a decent chance of needing a way to keep Cheerios on the table in between jobs. But, God stepped in there, and the "impossible" happened.

I know there are a few locals that read this, so please think about helping me find people. Please send (email, Facebook*, Twitter*?) this around to family, friends, enemies, neighbors, workmates, acquaintances, etc ! I'm going to try to knock on a few doors, but I think I will need some help on this one. For those who are out there wondering what this is "worth", my plan was/is to ask right around $400 for similar style sessions, give or take. Eventually, I will still start this as a business, but, its less pressing at the moment, i.e. I has Cheerios. I don't want to get the tax id, pay for the insurance, etc, until I'm ready or need to build a real business at full effort.

Are there any strings attached? No, not really. If you wish, whoever benefits can pay it forward. That just means in the future help someone else out with your talents or time.

To get in contact with me, either leave a comment here (I will leave it unpublished), or use the email address on the link above.


*I'm not on those, maybe someday I'll catch up with the rest of the population.

P.S. I know, I know two posts in one day with no photographs. I'll fix it soon.

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