Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Found" Items

I'm still in the habit of making quick images with my cell phone. I have been looking at replacing the phone with a "proper" camera. The key in choosing will be size. The whole point of using the cell phone is, it is with me! I won't bore anyone by talking about the cameras I have been examining. I can bore people with pictures much quicker!

This "lady" is hanging out in a local comic shop. I know the background in this shot is terrible. There were cleaner backgrounds available, but if I shot from those angles the lady blended into her herself. We were there recently and bought Tobias an awesome Spider-man poster. The poster features the work of Alex Ross.

This fella popped up at my office campus when I was on vacation. I assume he is there to scare away the geese. I wonder how long it will be until one of those big disrespectful flying rats takes a poo on it?

Speaking of the disrespectful flying rats...

I need to look back on last year's pictures. I think I have a pretty cool picture featuring some of those critters.

The pipe at the top of the post is also from work. The light caught my attention when I exited the building one night last week. The cell phone does a mediocre job of capturing the light, but it still rendered a decent image.

Again, keep in mind, I'm not making these in the hopes of making amazing photos. These are things I have seen, that I have tried to capture in an interesting way with a crappy little cell phone camera. The point, for me, is keep my photo-sense on 11 at all times.

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