Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beach snapshots

We recently spent a couple days in Ocean City Maryland. I had no intention of making it a "photo-trip" but I did bring my camera and took a few pictures.

The picture above is the hotel we stayed in, we faced ocean side.

Here is the view from the deck of the room we stayed in on the first evening we were there. I probably could have sat there the whole trip. Beaches aren't really my deal, and it was nice watching the water from far, far away!

I also nabbed a few pictures of the family goofing around on the beach the first morning we were there. You can see me if you look hard enough, I'm hiding behind the camera!

Finally, here is my attempt to make one picture that summed up the trip. It has it all, sand and feet. Somehow my feet got sunburned pretty bad. No, I didn't have sunscreen on them, but I realized I forgot it and kept them in the shade of a beach umbrella. It didn't help.

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