Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I've been threatening to post some people pictures up here for a little while now. Here is the first post making good on that threat.

Light here is pure ambient goodness

These were made at Ezra's cake gathering. After chasing kids around the yard, and catching the pictures I posted of Annie, I turned around and saw the house. I knew it was lit up by the sun because it was acting as a giant reflector, I could see it in Annie's eyes. But, I didn't know it was such nice light! When I saw it I knew I needed to make some pictures with it, or I'd be sad. I also realized it would probably lose its "magic" fast, so I needed to be quick. I stuck my head in the porch and asked my sister in law to volunteer a model, she pointed at Cassie.

Strobe off to the right with ambient fill

Like most of us, she isn't exactly used to having a camera aimed at her. But she did well anyway don't you think? I think she did extremely well. The "session" was unplanned, rushed, and she was volunteered by someone else! If photography were baseball, I'd be out at that point.

Thanks Cassie!


Solfrost said...

I love the first pic! If there was a guy standing inside a little to the right of the chair "facing" the reflection I think that'd make a pretty awesome couple pic, maybe I'm just weird... compositions with interesting use of reflections easily impress me though, hah.

Ken said...

I agree. That would make a really cool picture. I filed that idea into the back of my brain.