Friday, May 29, 2009

Are you a photographer?

First, I need to apologize. I thought I had a random picture of myself with a camera, but I don't. I must have "seen" such a picture in a horrible nightmare. Maybe I'll make one later and stick it in here, although I find "photographer with camera" pictures a bit goofy.

Out of those that answered the poll, most were not photographers, and one chose the "maybe" answer.

I think I also fall in the "maybe" category.

Technically I am a photographer. I know what I'm doing. I (occasionally) try to make deliberately interesting pictures. I try to learn new techniques, and then draw upon them to make things I envision. I like making photos. I know the technical side of picture making. I understand and appreciate the non-technical side more. The only art I've done "well" is making a photo. I pretty much suck at everything else I've tried, and I try a lot! So, I am a photographer.


If someone asked me what I do, it is very unlikely the sentence "I am a photographer." would leave my mouth. I have only answered such a question like that once. I was checking a ton of painting, drawing, art, and museum books out of the library. The librarian asked me if I was an art teacher! It was the only thing I could say that really made sense as an explanation.

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