Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ouch, equipment, fail

It snowed again. This time it was nice fluffy snow, the kind that would move if you sneezed on it. It was much easier to move than the water-logged snot-thick stuff I had so much trouble with earlier this year.

After I was done moving snow, I looked around and thought a color infrared picture incorporating the snowfall might look cool. I wasn't sure what to expect. I imagined, that with the proper grey point choice, and a swap of the red and blue channels ( a trick I learned from this month's issue of Practical Photography ), I'd get something with blue sky, colored (red or blue, my imaginer broke thinking about this) snow, and various shades of eery white on everything else. I geared up my borrowed D1h with my 24mm lens, stuffed a Hoya R72 filter in my pocket, grabbed a tripod and headed outside. I lined up a pretty cool shot with a line of boulders in the foreground leading back to some trees, and an open triangle shaped patch of sky. You can imagine, beautiful isn't it? I checked the depth of field. It all looked right. I added the filter and clicked the shutter.
Usually, when I press the shutter, cameras make a nice little ker-chink sound.

This time, however, the camera made a keerg-buz kinda sound. I didn't know what that meant, but it did not instill any confidence. After coming back in and investigating, it appears that the battery is no more, or in need of some rejeuventation. I'm running a couple deep cycles on it, and I hope it comes out of its funk. The camera's weak hot-pass filter is quite a blessing for making near IR images, even if it is only 2.7MP. I want it functional! [Update: Battery is toast]

I thought about posting this with no images, but photo-based blogs with no-image posts tend to irritate me. So, I decided to put up some of my recent play images. Normally these toy images aren't meant to show, but to keep loose, and generate ideas for future "serious" images. Its an opinion I have that anyone who wants to be a photographer, should photograph. Even if its garbage, push the button, keep loose, watch for things, evaluate what you get. By showing these, I think I'm violating the unwritten rule implied by my opinion, which is only show your best stuff!

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