Friday, February 27, 2009

Got me a Niiiiiiiigh-con camera

... love to take the photographs!

This is my first song picture. It's for Paul Simon's Kodachrome. This felt like an appropriate first choice. If I put aside all the stuff in the song that I don't quite understand, the song is about photographs! I will work with other ways to express the song, but since I happen to have a Nikon camera sitting about, I went for the literal approach first.

Part of the reason I started this personal project is to learn things. What did I learn with this picture? I learned that table top photographers must be master dusters! I spent tons of time wiping down glass, the camera, and film boxes yet the stubborn dust is still there! I cleaned up some of it in post too. But its still right there, taunting me, messin with my picture. I now hate dust.

But, I also learned that maybe, just maybe, I should stop making fun of people that use pictures of their gear for photo forum signatures or avatars.

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