Sunday, February 1, 2009


The past year brought about a huge number of changes for me. This week's ice storm gave me a good deal of time to think about it as a shoveled my driveway.

Shoveled, heh, I write that like I accomplished something! I got done more thinking than snow clearing. One of my neighbors bailed me out with a machine that looks like rototiller got intimate with a plow. No, not a snow blower, maybe its best described as a personal plow. I am so thankful, because without that help, I'd probably still be out there, over a day later, thinking.

One of the biggest changes we made was moving to a new house. You may have guessed that the new house has a driveway that is much longer and larger than at our previous house. Maybe next year I'll be prepared with a machine of my own. Then I could clear more and think less.

Snooted strobe camera right. Foam board reflector to pick up the shadows camera left.

When I got inside I put my beat-up boots down and walked away to grab a drink. They caught my eye, and I began thinking again. I have spent a lot of time with those things.

They are old. For boots, especially work boots, they can be described as very old. They are older than both my children, in fact, they are older than my marriage! They have been with me through college, my first apartment, early marriage, out first house, my two children, and our second house. As I looked at them I thought back on those years, all the changes, both good and bad. They reminded me that I don't think the same, I have a different set of skills, more responsibility, and more weight to carry around (20% more! [ this is probably a good thing ] ). They also urged me to consider the future. Will things for me be just as different in another 13-14 years? All this reflection was prompted by an ugly pair of boots.

Maybe this is the first time my western mind wrapped itself around the Japanese concept of Wabi-sabi? Or maybe not? I still believe some things never change. No matter. I hope you find the photo interesting. My original intention was to make a black and white picture, but I changed my mind after thinking about it, even in color, it has a very monchrome feel.

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Solfrost said...

I think the image works perfectly in it's original color, I'm glad you kept it that way -- I think it would have lost a lot in B&W. Intended or not there is a comforting sort of warmth in the image, which seems to be appropriate.